Sitcom about dating

If you hadn’t noticed, that’s been the default blueprint for half the network sitcoms this century.

Sex-joke shows can work if we’re interested enough in the characters, as “Two and a Half Men” proved.

Glassman: My dad is friends with Bill Laimbeer, so I'm going to take that.

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QUESTION: Who has the most Detroit cred through either relatives, time spent here, people you dated who are from here, and so on?

Characters striving to maintain the perfect nuclear family on Leave It to Beaver became characters looking to achieve a work-life balance on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, became characters inept at both work and life on 30 Rock.

That New Girl’s Jess Day and Nick Miller are subject to the same “will they, won’t they” mishegas as Cheers’s Sam Malone and Diane Chambers is a nice reminder of how little human behavior ever really changes.

In my group of friends alone, I only know one serial dater.

I'm always entertained by her exciting stories, but one night she left me in a panic after she announced she had been on five dates in the span of one week. That's more dates than I've ever been on in my entire Crazy, right? And, Ted from “How I Met Your Mother” finally — we're talking 10 seasons too long — meets his wife. The rest of us just live vicariously through their dating lives and are left alone, sitting in our sweats for the third day in a row.