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Played By: David Walliams Appearances: Season 3 Alan works for the Donkey Hospice in the town of Achingballs.

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“If any gay person claims they have been tortured or forced to undergo anal examination, they need to come forward with evidence stating when and where it happened instead of running to the press to make baseless claims.” The anal examination practice is used as an HIV prevention method, but Ugandan lawyer Nicholas Opiyo says it is a form of discrimination and abuse. Uganda abandoned an infamous “Kill the Gays” bill in 2014 because its first draft included the death penalty for gay sex, after worldwide outrage and threats foreign aid would be withdrawn.

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Once you’ve cleared your existing debts, you will then make a single, more manageable monthly payment to one lender to clear your new loan.

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In stepped Kyle, a 39-year-old Interfaith volunteer.

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