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This framework recognizes that behavior change can be achieved through activities that target four levels: Individual, interpersonal (family/peer), community and social/structural. Initiative (GGI), led by Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs in partnership with Macro International, shifted the focus from individual risk-taking to contextual factors that render girls vulnerable to HIV.The purpose of GGI was to develop, implement and test social, gender and behavior change communication approaches in an effort to reduce adolescent girls’ susceptibility to HIV infection.I’m asking top male players to please read and pay close attention to this idea, since they are the population least likely to understand their privilege.

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o guide program design and achieve intended program outcomes, program managers can use various gender analysis and behavior change frameworks and models.The process is grounded in underlying social, political and economic conditions, and is expressed through three domains of communication and action: the social political environment, health service delivery systems and communities – and individuals within them– that attempt to manage their health.The discussion of privilege is a very tough one to have, so much so that we often avoid the topic altogether.The World Economic Forum recently published it’s Global Gender Gap 2013 report which ranks 136 countries world-wide according to the equality that the genders experience in society.The report focuses on health and survival, education, politics and economic equality as indicators of improving gender equality.